The Way I work

I especially like sharing my initial creative thoughts on projects. To see how things can be done differently, how small or large interventions can change things. But that alone would never allow me to achieve what I can together with my colleagues, business partners and clients.


My vision

From an architectural point of view, one tends to think in general terms: circulation, routes, facades, sunlight etc. But the wealth of materials -some simple, some incredibly exclusive- ultimately create that extraordinary feeling that wells up when you enter a room that is truly complete. 

Sketching by hand... We see more and more designers casting a sideways glance at us when we arrive with our roll of tracing paper, but everyone with who I work at Kabaz should be able to sketch by hand. Whether that sketch is of a layout or an architecural detail. You have a sense of scale and proportion that you can never get on a screen, and that stimulates the brain to think differently, faster, more freely, more creatively.